• Providing Services to Corporate, Commercial,PAX and Cargo Aircraft Operators

  • Fuel Deliveryat a Short Notice Wherever You Want

  • Permit Acquisition to Help YouOverfly and Land Wherever You Want

  • Ground Handlingwith Quality from Arrival till Departure

Who We Are!

Aeroworld Pakistan (Private) Limited was founded in Pakistan and is one of the leading aviation business services provider in the region with over 2 decades of experience. Having a customer base extending to national carriers, major alliances, low cost carriers, business jets, freighter operators, GSAs, freight forwarders and members of the public, we provide a flexible and responsive service to meet the specific customer needs.

Ground Handing Arrangement

We offer our Customers an integrated range of high quality ground, ramp and technical services at various locations across the globe. If you are looking to optimize your flight operation and minimize the cost of operating your aircraft, we have the perfect solution for you.

Fuel Supply

The company has a proven track record in delivering dependable and high quality fuelling to numerous customers with operations of varying sizes and complexities.

Overflight & Landing Permits

We can provide Over flight and Landing permits across the globe, we can manage even on short notice permits. We are able to co-ordinate slots at through our direct and in-direct relations.